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Natural World Photography

Specializing in Bird, Wildlife, and Nature

Photos are Powerful!!!

They can take us back to important events in our life. They remind us of “better days” and what really matters. They shape our minds and bring us happiness and joy. They allow us to imagine, to create a story, to fly like an Eagle. They are used to brighten our homes and offices. 

Organizations and businesses use photos to sell us ideas, products, goods, and services. They know the impact of a picture. A picture can truly “paint a thousand words,” as in the lyrics of “If” by Bread. 

While we are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, we often do. We do the same for magazines, posters, and commercials. If the outside looks good, there is a solid chance the inside is also good.

Today, technology has allowed everyone to carry a camera. But, pictures taken with smart phones are not generally the quality one wants for a framed gift, a magazine article, or for marketing a home.

At Natural World Photography, we provide our clients with the highest quality bird, wildlife, and nature photographs. Our support and customer service is top notch. And, all for a fair price. Our services include…

  • Prints for home, office and businesses,
  • Digital media for magazines, books, social media, and marketing.

We also offer personalized photo sessions for your home, pets, and special needs. If there is a specific photo you need or want, please ask. We may be able to capture it for you. Please e-mail Mark Bailey at [email protected] or call 740.317.1438. Thank you for visiting our site.

Song Birds

Baltimore Oriole

Owls, Raptors, & Waterfowl

Great Blue Heron

Nature Scenes

Monarch and Flower